Medievieal chronicals describe polish cuisine as rather fat but also very various. Characteristic element since the beginning was pork and wild animals. We often ate baked pork as a whole one which is famous still on special occasions or pork knuckle. Porknuckle is still popular especially in the south of country. First potatoes came to Poland in the end of XVII so before we ate meat with groats. Polish vodka brands like Wyborowa or Soplica are famous all over the world. Everybody think that vodka is typical polish or russian alcohol drink. The true is it came to Poland in XV century from Germany. At early Middle Ages typical drinks were honeywine and beer. Honeywine was important part of pagan ceremonies before Poland was baptized. Famous non – alcoholic drink in Poland and East Europe was and still is bread acid which we obtain from fermented bread. Of course polish cuisine are not only meat dishes. In the north west region of Poland called Pommerania you can try many kinds of fish like raw herring or smoked eel. Traditional polish dessert is poppy seed cake which served always on a Christmas Eve. During the carnival we often eat donats. Those with rose jam are typical warsaw speciality..

  • 01 Plate with polish sausages, bread with lard, herring and marinates

    In the first place we will try plate with polish sausages, bread with lard, herring and marinates. This is a typical polish starter after the main meal or could be also breakfast during the winter. It’s worth to mention that polish sausage its famous around the world especially in USA but its called in polish kiełbasa. The first sausages were known in Cracow in XV century. It became more popular in XVII during era of saxon kings. Polish kings from Saxony loved them so good cook should had prepared it in a many ways.

  • 02 Polish sour soup żurek

    In the second restaurant we will try polish sour soup żurek which is served in bread. This popular polish dish is always served on Easter. It’s made of bread acid that’s why characteristic sour taste. It contain also eggs and white sausage. There are many kinds depends part of Poland. For example in Silesia it may contain also potatoes and bacon. Żurek is one of the oldest polish dishes but also may be find in Lithuania and Belarus.

  • 03 Goulash and dumplings

    For the main dish we will try goulash from boar and few kinds of dumplings. Goulash is consider as a Hungarian dish but in Poland its popular as well. Game goulash for years was popular on the tables of the polish aristocrats. In the past hunting was privilege only for few. Polish forests provides them boar or deer. Dumplings are one of the most famous polish dishes. There are many kinds of them. Those with cabbage and mushrooms are always served on Christmas Eve table. Small dumpling we also eat with broth or borsch.

  • 04 liquers

    At the end we will try traditional polish liquers sweet cherry and bitter lemon. First liquers came to Poland with king Henry IV Valois who was of french descent. The first one was made of honey and herbs. It was called Krupnik. Since then it became popular aperitif after the main meal on the tables of polish aristocrats. With time we started to make more kinds of them from different fruits or even nuts. Liquers are still very popular and often made by ourselves in our houses. Just pour fruits with spirit and stay for a two months. Nothing easier.


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