04 - Anielewicz Bunker

The non-existent bunker was located at 29 Miła Street in Warsaw’s Muranów district. During the ghetto uprising, the headquarter of the Jewish Combat Organization was located here. The bunker was relatively large, as it had as many as six entrances, and was also powered by electricity and running water. There was a large supply of ammunition and food here. On 8 May 1943, when the bunker was surrounded by the Germans, the commander Mordechaj Anielewicz and his insurgents, without giving up, took up an unequal fight. As a result, about 120 soldiers lost their lives, including Anielewicz himself. In 1946, a mound was raised there, as the initiative of the Central Committee of Polish Jews. A stone with inscriptions in Polish, Hebrew and English was placed on its top. Their content reads: „On 8 May 1943, the commander of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Mordechaj Anielewicz, together with the staff of the Jewish Combat Organization and several dozen other fighters of the Jewish resistance, in the fight against the German invaders, was killed by a soldier.” In 2006, an obelisk by Hanna Szmalenberg was placed at the foot of the mound. It carries the names of 51 insurgents, whose identitie has been identified.

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