01 - Cathedral of Saint Michael Archangel and Saint Florian Martyr

The church is the cathedral of the Warsaw-Praga diocese. It was established at the beginning of the 20th century due to the fact that the Church of Our Lady of Loreto could no longer accommodate the growing number of the faithful. The church designed by Józef Dziekoński refers to the medieval gothic style. It is considered by many experts as a model of Polish sacred architecture. A characteristic feature of the church are two high towers. Initially, they were 75 meters high. In the 1930s they were lowered because of the cracking of the walls due to the weight of the towers’ cheeks. In front of the temple, a papal oak from the Chrobry oak consecrated by Pope John Paul II was planted. The interior of the basilica attracts special attention. Right at the entrance, we can see the cross from the surviving Prague Hospital. There is a reliquary with the heart of Father Ignacy Kłopotowski associated with Praga.

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