01 - Jewish Historical Institute

The Institute was established in October 1947 to replace the Institute of Judaic Sciences operating before the war. The building was designed in a modernist style in 1936 by a famous Warsaw architect, Edward Eber. In front of the institute there was at that time the famous Great Synagogue. Unfortunately, at the end of the ghetto uprising, it was blown up by the retreating Germans. The building of the institute, which was rebuilt after the war, was also destroyed. The Institute conducts research on the history and culture of Jews. The patron of the institution is the historian Emanuel Ringelblum. He co-founded the Oneg Szabat social organization operating in the ghetto. Its purpose was to collect documentation on the social life of the diaspora under German occupation. After the war, some of the Ringelblum archives were found, which are now in the Institute’s collections. Some of them are available as a part of the permanent exhibition where you can see documents, letters and numerous testimonies of the Holocaust.

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