07 - Kanonia

At the beginning of Warsaw, Kanonia served as a church cemetery, and the houses around, previously wooden, were inhabited by canons serving in the church of St. John the Baptist. With time, the cemetery was liquidated and the tenement houses were taken over by the townspeople. In the central part of the square, we can admire the historic bell from the 17th century. The founder of the bell was most likely the Crown Treasurer Jan Mikołaj Daniłowicz. It was originally intended for the Jesuit church in Jarosław. As the sound of the bell did not sound very beautiful, it was decided to take it off. Since then, it has been stored in various places. Unfortunately, in 1915, still during the tsarist occupation, the bell was stolen and taken away to Russia. Fortunately, the bell was handed over immediately after Poland regained independence in 1918. For years it was stored at the National Museum in Warsaw. In 1972 it was placed in the old town of Kanonia, where it attracts crowds of tourists with its magical appearance.

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