12 - Michał Berson Educational Building of the Jewish Community

The Neo-Renaissance building was erected in the years 1913-1914 according to the design of architects Henryk Stifelman and Stanisław Weiss on the initiative of the chairman of the Warsaw Jewish Community, Michał Bergson. It was allocated to a school, an orphanage and a shelter for Jewish children. One of the rooms at that time housed a synagogue intended for teachers and pupils. After the war, it housed the Provincial Committee of Jews in Poland, and in the room of the former synagogue, the Jewish Theater of Esther Rachela Kamińska. In 1953, it became the seat of the „Baj” Puppet Theater, which existed in Poland for the longest time. The building did not suffer any damage during the war and is one of the best-preserved jewish monuments in Warsaw. Its value is also evidenced by the Neo-Renaissance style commonly used in Jewish architecture. Ornamentation with plant and animal elements draws attention, which is a typical decoration of synagogues.

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