03 - Monument of Getto Uprising

The monument was unveiled on April 19, 1948, on the fifth anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The authors of the monument were Nathan Rappaport and Leon Suzin. It was funded by contributions from Jewish organizations. It was built of swedish labradorite, which was initially to be used to build monuments in the Third Reich. The pedestal alludes to the ghetto wall and the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. It has the form of a stone block, the central part of which is a bronze sculpture, depicting fighters taking part in the ghetto uprising in April 1943. On the sides of the monument there are two menorahs surrounded by lions. It is worth to mention that a copy of the Warsaw monument is in the Yad Washem Institute in Jerusalem. On 7 December 1970 during a visit to Warsaw, Chancellor Willy Brandt knelt in front of the monument, paying tribute to the victims of the Holocaust.

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