06 - Monument of Wars and Sawa

According to legend, a long time ago on the Vistula River lived a fisherrman Wars with his wife Sawa. One day, the ruler of the nearby estates, Prince Ziemomysł, went to the forest to hunt. At some point, unfortunately, he broke away from his entourage and got lost in a forest. Dusk was approaching and it was time for him to come back, unfortunately in the midst of the forest thicket any living soul. As he wandered in the forest, he managed to reach a fisherman’s hut nearby the Vistula River. Wars and his wife hosted him with food and drink, and after the supper they gave him a free room. The next day after waking up, the prince thanked the fisherman and his wife for their hospitality. He gave them surrounding lands, and with time the name of the city was derived from their names.

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