04 - Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is the oldest market in Warsaw. For centuries, social, economic and political life has been focused here. In the central part of the square there was a town hall where the mayor and city councils managed. At the end of the 19th century, a mermaid sculpture by Konstanty Hegel was placed in front of the town hall. Although partially damaged in the Warsaw Uprising, the renovated one is now in the Museum of Warsaw. The market square is surrounded by colorful Renaissance-style tenement houses. Particularly noteworthy is the tenement house under negro child.. In the 17th century it belonged to one of the mayors of Old Warsaw, the polonized Italian Jakub Gianotti. It owes its name to the head of a negro child carved on the facade. This is probably due to the fact that the Gianotti family traded with African countries.

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