04 - Petersburgian Railway Station

Petersburg Railway Station was established in 1863 as the starting station of the Warsaw-Petersburg railway. It used to run from Warsaw via Vilnius to St. Petersburg. The station was designed by a graduate of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Narcis Zborzewski. In 1915, the building was burnt down by the Russians retreating from these areas. In its place, a new building was erected in 1928, intended for the seat of the Directorate of the Polish State Railways. The former railway station changed its name to Warszawa Wileńska. It was related to the name of the street on which it was located and the destination station, which was Vilnius. The monumental neoclassical building designed by Marian Lalewicz referred to Russian architecture from before the October Revolution. Noteworthy is the entrance in the style of the Doric portico and rooms referring to Art Deco. The building was not damaged during the war.

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