06 - Tenement house under the clock

The tenement house under the clock was built at the beginning of the 20th century in the early modernist style. The authors of the project were Józef Czerwniński and Wacław Heppen. During the war, the chairman of the Warsaw Jewish community, Adam Czerniaków, lived here. Shortly after the creation of the ghetto, Czerniaków organized civil resistance and took part in the creation of the underground archive of the ghetto. When the liquidation of the ghetto began on July 22, he refused SS to sign a consent to the deportation of Jews to Treblinka. In protest, he swallowed cyanide the next day. It is worth mentioning that Marceli Reich Ranicki lived in the building next door. During the ghetto uprising, the tenement house was slightly damaged. In the yard, we can still see the cast-iron housing of the water intake with the head of a lion.

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