11 - The monument of Janusz Korczak

The monument is located in the Świętokrzyski Park, opposite the Palace of Culture and Science. Its authors are the architect Zbigniew Wilma and the sculptor Jan Bohdan Chmielewski. It presents Janusz Korczak surrounded by children under a dead tree in the shape of a menorah. The monument was officially unveiled on Children’s Day on 1 June 2006 by the then President of Warsaw, Lech Kaczyński. Janusz Korczak was not only a respected educationalist and doctor, but also a distinguished social activist. He founded and ran the Orphans’ Home in Wola in 1912-1942 at Jaktorowska Street, which was an institution that looked after jewish children. In November 1942, the facility was moved to the ghetto on Chłodna Street. During the occupation, Janusz Korczak proudly wore a Polish uniform, refusing to wear an armband with the Star of David. Although polish friends had repeatedly offered him to escape from the ghetto on Aryan papers, he refused to do it. He decided to stay with his children until the very end until the liquidation of the ghetto in 1942. Until the very end, he accompanied his children on the march to the Umschlagplatz from where they were sent to the Treblinka camp.

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