The Umschlagplatz monument was erected on the site of the former reloading square, from where Jews were transported from the Warsaw ghetto to the camp in Treblinka. The monument was unveiled on April 18, 1988, on the eve of the anniversary of the ghetto uprising. The pedestal was designed by Hanna Szmalenberg and carved by Władysław Klamerus. It shows a gray granite wall in the shape of a rectangle with a black stripe on the front wall. This motif alludes to the Jewish tallit. The entrance gate is topped with a black semicircular plaque resembling a matzevah, on which the motif of a broken forest is carved. In Jewish culture, a shattered tree symbolizes sudden death. On the inside wall of the building there are 400 of the most popular Polish and Jewish names before the war, which symbolizes the centuries-long coexistence of both nations. Each name symbolizes a thousand victims of the Warsaw ghetto. A quotation from the book of Job in Polish, Yiddish and Hebrew is carved on the building next to it: „Earth, do not hide my blood, lest my scream ceases”.

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