08 - Vodka Factory

On Ząbkowska Street, we can admire a neo-Gothic building from the 19th century of the former Koneser vodka factory. The factory was equipped with modern equipment and was one of the first to be electrified in Warsaw. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, 150 types of vodkas and liqueurs were produced here. In order to facilitate transport, two lines of tracks were connected from the railway siding. In interwar Poland, the plants were taken over by the state, and then their intensive development began. It was then that the production of flavored vodkas and the famous Wyborowa were started. Along with the development of the factory, more and more workers began to be employed at that time, which had a significant impact on the development of Prague’s infrastructure. Despite the destruction during World War II, some of the buildings have survived. After the war, the factory was taken over by Warsaw Spirit and Yeast Industries,, Polmos ”. After the fall of the Polish People’s Republic, the plant began to gradually fall into debt until it was finally closed in 2007.

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