09 - Ząbkowska Street

Ząbkowska Street next to Brzeska Street is one of the showpieces of contemporary Praga. It is known that already in the 16th century a road was marked out here. In the 18th century, this area belonged to the Szmul Zbytkower farm. It was then that the settlement began to develop intensively. Already in the 19th century, it was mainly Jewish traders who concentrated there. It was no accident that the Ząbkowska was called Praga Nalewki. At the end of the 19th century, the street was paved and an electric tram was pulled along it. To this day, we can see the original pavement and fragments of tracks. At the corner of Ząbkowska and Targowa Streets, we can see the impressive Szein and Tychoński tenement house from the beginning of the 20th century. A characteristic element is a turret finished with a galvanized dome with a spike. The current finial is a copy and the original is in the Praga Museum.

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